Post-Rejection, Google Voice To Be Designed In iPhone Web Format

Posted Aug 10, 2009

Google Voice was rejected by iTunes last month.  The FCC is looking into the reasoning why Google Voice was rejected as of right now.  Since the Google Voice application was rejected, Google CEO Eric Schmidt stepped down from the Apple Inc. Board of Directors too.

Instead of designing another iPhone application for Google Voice, the search engine company is planning to launch a web-friendly version of Google Voice for the iPhone.  The web version of the application will have the same features as the rejected application.  The web version of the application will work exactly like the iPhone application and can even have an icon installed on the phone.

If Apple and AT&T decides that they want to block the web version too, then the only way to prevent the service is by blocking the URL.  It’ll be interesting to see what happens next between Apple, Google, and AT&T.

[via Mashable]