PowerBook Formerly Owned By Woz Sells For Only $800

Posted Feb 28, 2009

An Apple PowerBook G4 17″ with 2GB of RAM and 160GB hard drive just sold on eBay for $800.  However, this is no ordinary laptop.  It used to be owned by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.

“In January of 2006, Snaggy and I travelled to Macworld to appear on David Pogue’s keynote show. We arrived in California a few days early, and spent that time at our friend Steve Wozniak’s house. Steve had just bought a new Powerbook, and was selling his old one, so we jumped at the chance to buy it from him, knowing that one, it would be awesome machine in great shape, and two, that it would have that little bit of history tied to it, in that it was once owned by the inventor of the Apple computer!” wrote the seller of the computer.

The computer even put a dent in the thing himself.  Nice job devaluing the product being sold by a company you cofounded, Woz!

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