Powerset Opens The Gates To It’s First Product, Wikipedia Search

Posted May 13, 2008

Powerset Inc. is a Palo Alto, Calif.-based search engine company that was started in late 2006. Barney Pell claimed that their search engine technology is highly capable of taking on Google’s search algorithms. Investors believed it so $42.5 million was plugged into Powerset. Investors include Reid Hoffman, Peter Thiel, Carl Page, Sean Parker, and Eric Tilenius. Foundation Capital and The Founders Fund were involved in Powersets investment too. Yesterday, the search engine company released their first product built around Wikipedia.

The way that Powerset has designed search results is pretty good.

To search for Wikipedia articles, users can enter keywords, questions, and phrases. Powerset aggregates information across multiple sites and articles. While this is a good start, Powerset needs to be strategic about how to launch a full-scale competition against Google. Below is a video demo of the site.

Powerset Demo Video from officialpowerset on Vimeo.

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