Sustainability startup Practically Green raises $3 million

Posted Jan 30, 2014

Practically Green has announced that they have raised $3 million in Series A funding. The company develops tools for employees to set up sustainably programs. Some of their clients include NBC Universal, eBay, and Unilever.

When signing up for Practically Green, customers choose the sustainability programs that are important to them. The environmental sustainability program is the most common choice, but some companies choose family and fitness. After that, users choose the actions that they want to encourage. The program can be tracked through mobile apps, the company intranet, and e-mail.

This round of funding was provided by CommonAngels, Pan-Asia, LaunchPad Venture Group, and Clean Energy Venture Group. Practically Green also announced that they have hired Mark Bissell, an early employee at SuccessFactors to lead their customer success program.

[Source: TechCrunch]