Pradeep Manukonda Contacts Pulse2, Claims Mark Zuckerberg Painted Him As A Member Of Al-Qaeda

Posted Sep 4, 2012

About 3 days ago, I received an e-mail from Pradeep Manukonda (below) because he read my August 29th article about how he filed a defamation lawsuit against Mark Zuckerberg in India.  Zuckerberg received a restraining order against Pradeep Manukonda last year after the 31-year-old Indian man allegedly sent Zuckerberg online messages, sent him flowers, and even showed up at Zuckerberg’s home.

Manukonda agreed to return to his home country, but he ended up filing a lawsuit against Zuckerberg in India.

Manukonda claims that Zuckerberg made a fake Facebook page that says that Manukonda is a member of al-Qaeda.  He also claims that Zuckerberg hired someone responsible for making multiple accounts on Manukonda.

Below is a screenshot of a fake Facebook profile of Pradeep Manukonda:

Below is the e-mail that Pradeep sent me:

Hey Amit!!

I want to say something about the news in your website

I am surprised that how you people came to know that I filed a defamation case against Mark Zuckerberg from India. I don?t want to say anything about the present court case since it?s in the trial, as any of my comments may have adhere affect on my present case!

Looking at the article news and the users posting about me ? 

One thing I want to comment, Mark Zuckerberg obtained a restraining order through Santa Clara Superior court against me stating me as a stalker, even though my case never went on trial, since it was an out of court settlement through stipulation wherein I was compelled to sign an NDA and asked to leave US, with no other options left for me I forced myself to leave. If Mark really feels threat from me why he made an out of court settlement through stipulation when the court was ready to decide whether I am guilty or not. If my case went on trial then the world would have seen a different picture of me not as a stalker but the real face of Facebook which never happened. Thanks to Mark Z attorneys!

Now this time their projection about me has taken to new and high level, portraying me as Al-Qaida andJaish-e-Mohammed terrorist. This type of character assassination on my name is not impeding since a year, I decided to stop it myself and I really want to open up my previous restraining order case in US as well, to reveal on what grounds that Mark Zuckerberg made an out of court settlement with me. What were the stipulations?

People may presume that I am doing all this only for money or fame but in truth, there is a concealed fact in my story. If I say what has happened with me people will never believe and Mark Z will never disclose. I am not dim person that I am fighting with the most influential firm which can alter the evidence in my case with the money and muscle power they have.