Pranksters Cutting Fiber-Optic Cables Around Bay Area

Posted Apr 9, 2009

Some pranksters have been cutting fiber-optic cables around the Bay Area supposedly out of an act of sabotage or vandalism. No suspects have been found as of yet.

The wires that have been cut belong to AT&T and Sprint. This has affected several thousand people around Santa Clary County.

Four cables belong to AT&T itself. They were cut before 1:30AM around the Monterey Highway that is north of Blossom Hill Road. Two hours later, two more wires belonging to AT&T was cut and so was a Sprint wire near Old County Road near Bing Street.

“I’m not sure how it’s all connected, but it happened at around the same time,” stated crisis communications manager for Sprint Crystal Davis. “It’s concerning.”

The San Jose police yellow-taped the area where the cables were found damaged. “We’re treating this as a crime scene,” stated Sgt. Ronnie Lopez. The pranksters had to life the manhole covers to get to the cables and use heavy-duty cutting tools.

After the wires were cut, no one in the area were even able to call 911 emergency lines. About 52,000 landlines customers were affected in the Bay Area.

[via SFGate]