Pre-Orders Of Apple iPhone 3G S Devices Starts To Ship

Posted Jun 15, 2009

The iPhone 3G S has started to ship according to AppleInsider.  The phones are shipping to the customers who were first at pre-ordering the phones last week.  “My 32GB black iPhone that I ordered the second I could on the Apple iPhone store has officially shipped,” stated AppleInsider member DiscoNomad. “I found out this morning via an email which included a tracking number.”

The phones will be shipping out of Shenzhen, China.  Foxconn Electronics is rumored to be the company behind the manufacturing of the device.  There is no specific date of arrival of the phones, but the shipping notification implies that it should arrive no later than Friday June 19th.  That is the same day that phone will be available in retail stores such as AT&T, Best Buy, and the Apple Store.

This Wednesday Apple will be releasing the new iPhone OS 3.0 for all iPhones, iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 3G S’, and iPod Touch devices.