President Barack Obama Sent Out His First Actual Tweet [SCREENSHOT]

Posted Jan 18, 2010

It’s official now, people!  Even though Barack Obama has one of the most followed Twitter accounts with over 3 million followers, he has never sent out a tweet up until earlier today.  President Obama admitted to never using Twitter when he was at a Chinese youth event in Shanghai.  The White House communications team used the President’s name on the Twitter account to send out messages.  This is not surprising because a lot of the communications between the President and American citizens is handled by White House staff.

So what was the President’s first tweet ever?  He wrote this message in third person: “President Obama and the First Lady are here visiting our disaster operation center right now.”  And the first tweet did not come from his own account, it was from the Red Cross account.  President Obama was in Haiti to assess the damage that took place and offer help.