President Obama Says “I Have Never Used Twitter.”

Posted Nov 16, 2009

President Barack Obama was doing a tour in China this week. On one of his stops, he was at a town hall in Shanghai. The town hall meeting was streamed online and one of the questions he was asked was about Twitter. Twitter was blocked in China since this past July.

A student asked the U.S. President “Do you know about the great firewall and should we be able to use Twitter?” The President replied: “I have never used Twitter but I’m an advocate of technology and not restricting internet access.” That must be a disappointment to some of the President’s 2.6 million followers that actually believed Obama was sending out some tweets.

In actuality, it was staff members at The White House that were sending out the tweets. There is a difference in opinion regarding the President not sending out tweets himself. Some believe that it is wrong that Twitter verified his account and some believe it is a good thing that the U.S. President is not sending out tweets. I am going with the latter.

The U.S. President has a lot on his plate to deal with on his plate. Between the struggling economy, the war overseas, depletion of natural resources, financial bail-outs, automotive bail-outs, etc. — I think that should give the President enough to do every minute of his day.

Why do people tweet? For networking purposes. Why should people network? To gain respect and authority. Who has the most authority in the United States? The President. What more can the President gain by interacting with Twitter followers? I’d rather see him spending time ensuring a positive economic future than retweeting Ashton Kutcher.