President Obama To Conduct Google+ Fireside Hangout On February 14

Posted Feb 11, 2013

President Obama will be heading a joint session of Congress tomorrow night as part of a 200-year tradition of delivering the State of the Union to Congress.  He will follow that up with a a Google+ Fireside Hangout by taking questions online after his speech.  President Obama’s Google+ Fireside Hangout will be taking place this Thursday at 4:50PM EST.

The President’s Google+ Fireside Hangout will also include a group of people that spend a lot of time discussing important issues of the day online.  During the Google+ Fireside Hangout, a group of people will be asking the President their own questions.  If you want to ask the President a question, go to the White House YouTube channel and submit a video or text question.

Questions can be submitted until 11:59PM EST on Wednesday February 13th.  You can tune in to the Fireside Hangout on the White House’s YouTube Channel or Google+ Page.

[Source: Google Blog]