President Obama Vetoes ITC Ban On Some AT&T Compatible iPhones And iPads

Posted Aug 3, 2013

The International Trade Commission (ITC) import, sale, and distribution of some AT&T compatible iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad 3G, and iPad 2 3G models because Samsung won a lawsuit in June.  The Obama administration vetoed the ruling.

?After extensive consultations with the agencies of the Trade Policy Staff Committee and the Trade Policy Review Group…I have decided to disapprove the USITC?s determination to issue an exclusion order and cease and desist order in this investigation,? states a letter from the U.S. Government to United States International Trade Commission Chairman Irving A. Williamson.

The case was based on patent #7,706,348.  The patent focuses on the way that mobile communications i.e. encoded.  Samsung will still be able to pursue their rights through the courts like monetary compensation.

“We applaud the Administration for standing up for innovation in this landmark case. Samsung was wrong to abuse the patent system in this way,” said Apple in a statement to AllThingsD.  You can read the memo here.