President Obama Warns U.S. Kids About Excessive TV and Videogames

Posted Jun 16, 2009

President Obama warns that the U.S. is falling behind in education.  More specifically, the President blames videogames and TV for the U.S. falling behind.  “‘The Chinese, the Indians, they’re coming at us and they’re coming at us hard, and they’re hungry, and they’re really buckling down… And they watch?their kids watch a lot less TV than our kids do, play a lot fewer video games, they’re in the classroom a lot longer,” stated the President.

Not a bad attempt at keeping us motivated Mr. Obama, telling us to play less videogames.  Perhaps he did not read the article that surgeons that play video games tend to make less errors.  “[The US] used to be head and shoulders above other countries when it came to education,” added the President. “We aren’t anymore. We’re sort of in the middle of the pack now among wealthy, advanced, industrialized countries.”

I must say that I agree with the President.  With all the great consoles out there, it is hard for us not to play video games.  Back in my day, we were happy with 8 and 16 bit pixelated games. All you kids these days have your 3D games with OpenGL physics engines.  Read a book for crying out loud.  And if you don’t have a 4.0, get one as soon as you get a chance.

[via Ars Technica]