President Obama’s Address Crashes Reps’ Servers

Posted Jul 27, 2011

Is the US government tech savvy enough to maintain .gov websites without traffic crashing them? Well, that depends on how apathetic the voters are. On Monday, President Obama addressed the nation with instructions for citizens to contact their local congress reps. The servers for some of those reps just couldn’t handle the traffic, including the sites of Ohio’s John Boehner, South Carolina’s Jim DeMint, Minnesota’s Michele Bachmann and New York’s Elliot Engel. Mashable compares the effect to a denial of service attack.

The President’s address and call to contact was related to the nation’s debt ceiling. While the reps’ sites may not have been able to handle the traffic, AllThingsD reports that the President’s website didn’t experience any trouble at all. [image via The White House on Flickr]