President of Microsoft’s Business Division, Jeff Raikes Retiring; Former COO of Juniper, Stephen Elop Steps Up

Posted Jan 10, 2008

Microsoft Corporation announced announced that starting this September, Jeff Raikes, the President of Microsoft’s Business Division is going to be retiring.  He is staying for 9 months to ensure a smooth transition for Stephen Elop.  Raikes worked at Microsoft for 27 years and spent time driving marketing strategies.  Raikes also helped Microsoft deliver GUI applications for the Apple Macintosh and Microsoft Windows operating systems.  Stephen Elop is starting at Microsoft around the end of January.

“Since 1981, Iâ??ve had an incredible journey here at Microsoft. Given the success of our business and the depth of leadership we have in place today, the time is right for me to leave the MBD business in the capable hands of our new generation of leaders,” Raikes said. “I remain committed to Microsoft and will work full time between now and September when I retire. In the meantime, Iâ??m looking forward to working closely with Stephen and the MBD leadership team to ensure a smooth transition.”

During Elop’s time at Juniper Networks, he was responsible for all product groups, global sales/services, marketing, and manufacturing.  Elop also acted as President of worldwide field ops for Adobe Systems, Inc.  Elop was former President and CEO of Macromedia around the time that Adobe acquired them. 

“The addition of Stephen and his wealth of experience in the technology industry is a great example of how we continue to add new talent to help manage our growing portfolio of businesses,” stated Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft. “Stephen brings with him a proven track record of success in a range of business and technology areas that map closely to the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for our MBD business.”