Princeton Student Matthew Connor Receives $100,000 Grant For iPhone App Grant

Posted Aug 27, 2009

Princeton University student Matthew Connor has received a $100,000 grant in order to write an iPhone that will help diabetics maintain their food consumption, blood sugar levels, and insulin intake.  Connor is currently a junior in operations research and financial engineering.

Connor is working his brother to build a website that communicates with the iPhone application.  Both will be building a website called the iAbetics Web 2.0 Diabetes Management System.  The iPhone app is called Islet.

Those who suffer from diabetes constantly have to track their blood glucose levels and insulin intake.  “You can hand write what you eat and your blood sugar numbers,” stated Connor. “But that gets pretty difficult if you’re on the go, and it’s hard to analyze without manually entering your handwritten notes into a computer.”

The grant was made by the Gelfand Family Charitable Trust.  The grant was given after Connor won second place at the Primary Healthcare competition from the Center for Integration of Medicine and Innovative Technology.