“Patent Troll” Seeks $1,000 Per Use Of Scanners

Posted Jan 4, 2013

Project Paperless LLC is a company that holds patents that are related to scanning documents and having them sent through a network.  In my opinion, Project Paperless is considered a “patent troll” because the company is asking for $1,000 per use of a scanner from a company called BlueWave Computing.  This means that Project Paperless is demanding a total of $130,000 from BlueWave.  BlueWave owner Steven Vicinanza ended up fighting the patents in court and won.

However Project Paperless sent similar letters demanding a payment from 8 different companies in places like New Hampshire and Minnesota.  This time Project Paperless demanded between $900 and $1,200 per use of scanners.  Unfortunately, many companies prefer to avoid the hassle so they will just pay up.

“Upon doing some research on the patent system in our country, I realized that patent trolling schemes are big business for law firms and companies like Project Paperless LLC, which exist soley to profit from a broken patent system,” stated Vincinanza in a press release.  “I discovered that such companies are referred to as patent trolls, due to the fact that they do not produce any products, or perform any services.”

[Source: Ars Technica]