Prophet Acquires Chicago Digital Firm Material Group

Posted Sep 14, 2012

Prophet has acquired Material Group, a digital design and development studio company based in Chicago.  Prophet is a brand and marketing company that helps clients win by setting up actionable and inspired ideas.  Prophet CEO Michael Dunn said that this acquisition is happening at a time where Prophet is growing their digital fluency and expertise.

“The better our digital fluency, the better we can address how digital can advance customer engagement and encourage shared storytelling; how it serves as a sales channel; and how to think about return on digital investments,” said Dunn.  “The idea is to serve all of the marketer’s customer and growth challenges. Our business and brand-driven approach empowers our clients to take on digital differently. By helping them stay ahead of the curve on digital, we increase their ability to win in today’s fast-changing marketplace.”

Material Group was started in 2010 by Phil Rampulla and Mitch Lawin.  Material Group has clients like Samsung, McDonald’s, Starbucks, EA, and SC Johnson.  Rampulla and Lawin will take Creative Director and Executive Producer titles, respectively at Prophet.  Material’s 20 employees will be hired by Prophet.