Proteus raises $120 million in funding

Posted Jun 2, 2014

Proteus is a company that creates ingestible health sensors, which has raised $120 million in funding, according to The Information. It is unknown who the new investors are, but we know that Oracle and Novartis were previous investors in the company. The sensors that Proteus creates are known as Helius, which are made with copper, silicon, and magnesium.

The sensors are swallowed to collect information in your body for a few minutes to show how well the medicine that you are taking is. The sensors can also let doctors know whether patients are taking their pills regularly. The pills are FDA approved and the company is working to have the pills prescribed by doctors rather than the standalone sensors.

The sensors do not have an antenna or battery. It uses stomach acids and fluids to power them and sends the results to smart device. Proteus also created a patch to receive information from the Helius sensor to detect heart rate and activity, which transmits information to phones and tablets.