Proust: A New Social Network Focuses on Life Experiences

Posted Jul 19, 2011

A new social network called Proust, named after French author Marcel Proust, gives users a space to journal about what’s important. AllThingsD reports that Proust launches today, as an opportunity to “go deeper, especially with people you’re closer to,” according to CEO Tom Cortese. The depth of the site comes from more than 1,000 questions users can choose to answer, with options to publish privately to users’ contacts or publicly to the world.

The site can display your entries in various formats, from lists or storybook chapters to timelines and maps. Users are encouraged to “answer one question at a time on your home page” to create life stories on the site, with an option to create a customized post outside the question format. All stories include the option to add photos, videos, files, timeline and map entries or contact tags. Users can even submit questions to their contacts, to encourage the telling of the stories you want to hear.

The questions are then divided into more than 100 chapters, such as “The Narcissist in Me,” “Acts of Kindness,” “Hopeless Romantic” and more. Proust plans to offer printed keepsake books based on users’ stories in the near future.