Proview Threatening To Sue Apple Over iPad Trademark

Posted Oct 28, 2010

Proview International Holdings Limited (HKG:0334) is threatening to sue Apple over trademark infringement for the term I-Pad. ?We will sue them for damages in China and in the US,? stated Proview chairman Yang Rongshan.

Proview is a contract manufacturing company that makes flat screens. About 10 years ago, they attempted to market a tablet computer called the I-Pad. Proview registered trademarks for the I-PAD in the EU, South Korea, Singapore, China, Mexico, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand between 2000 and 2004.

In Hong Kong and Shenzhen, Apple won an injunction to stop Proview from selling off the IPAD name. ?It is arrogant of Apple to just ignore our rights and go ahead selling the iPad in this market, and we will oppose that,? stated Proview chairman Yang Rongshan. ?Besides that, we are in big financial trouble and the trademarks are a valuable asset that could help us sort out part of that trouble.?

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