PRQ Web Host Gets Raided By Swedish Police

Posted Oct 2, 2012

PeRiQuito AB (PRQ) is a Stockholm-based web host that is known for hosting controversial websites like The Pirate Bay and WikiLeaks.  The police in Sweden has raided the offices of PRQ as a result recently.  The police took four servers and arrested PRQ owner Mikael Viborg.  The Pirate Bay was down since Monday along with PRQ’s own website.  However Viborg told a Swedish news website that the outages are a result of a technical issue instead of the seizure of servers.

?Even though I loathe what they say, I defend them,? said Viborg in an interview with Forbes last August.  ?We don?t cooperate with the authorities unless we absolutely have to.?  PRQ continues to host WikiLeaks, but they no longer have a direct connection with The Pirate Bay.  Two out of the three The Pirate bay founders started PRQ in 2004.  One of them was Gottfrid Svartholm, who was arrested in Cambodia and extradited to Sweden last month.

Being raided is not new to PRQ.  They were raided in 2006 and in 2010.  In 2006, the police was looking for evidence about The Pirate Bay.  In 2010, they were raided over a file-sharing network known as “The Scene.”