iFixit Reveals That The PS4 Hard Drive Can Be Replaced Easily

Posted Nov 15, 2013

When a new gadget comes out, there is at least one organization that tears it down to learn what innards are in it.  iFixit got their hands on the PlayStation 4 to see what was in it.  One thing that was learned recently is that the Sony PlayStation 4 hard drive is easy to replace.  The only thing in the way is a plastic cover and some screws.  iFixit said that they will create a detailed guide soon about how to replace the hard drives.  There is just a single screw that is securing the caddy.  It is also a standard 2.5″ (laptop-sized) SATA drive, which means that you can replace or upgrade your storage with any off-the-shelf drive that you like.
[Source: iFixIt]