Psy Of “Gangnam Style” Will Earn Around $7.9 Million This Year

Posted Dec 5, 2012

Psy, the pop artist behind the song “Gangnam Style,” will make at least $7.9 million this year.  The Gangnam Style music video is nearing close to 1 billion YouTube views.  Currently it has 887.7 million views as of the time that I have written this article.

The amount that he earns will be from various sources including commercial endorsements from ads put together by Samsung and LG.  Kyobo Securities analyst Chung Yu-seok put together the estimate.

Psy is estimated to make around $870,000 from the ads shown during the video.  Google will take around half of those ad revenues.  On iTunes, there was about 2.7 million downloads for the song, which will earn him about $2.4 million.  Psy will also make $0.02 every time his song is played on a streaming service in South Korea which is about $61,000.

Psy also is part of a family that owns 30% of DI Corporation, a South Korean company that makes computer chips.  DI’s stock has doubled since Gangnam Style was released.