Psy’s “Gentleman” Video Hits Over 22 Million YouTube Views In 24 Hours

Posted Apr 15, 2013

Psy is no longer a one-hit wonder.  The “Gangnam Style” singer has released a music video for his newest song “Gentleman.”  The music video for “Gentleman” has hit 22 million YouTube views in the first 24 hours.  It has been around 2 days since the video has been uploaded and it is now at over 58 million views.  Just as a comparison, Justin Bieber’s video for “Boyfriend” hit slightly over 5 million on it’s first day online in May 2012.

Psy’s “Gangnam Style” video is the most watched video of all time with over 1.53 billion hits.  Justin Bieber’s “Baby” is the second most watched video with around 849 million views.  Both Psy and Bieber are managed by Scooter Braun.

In the video for “Gentleman,” you will see Psy pranking people around him.  This includes pulling chairs out from underneath people, hitting all of the buttons on an elevator, and increasing the speed while someone is on a treadmill.

Check out the video for Treadmill below: