Psystar Suing Apple For Monopolizing “Premium Computers”

Posted Sep 1, 2009

Psystar emerged from bankruptcy in July and vowed to make some “applesauce.”  Psystar is best known for making “Hackintosh” computers, or hardware that has the Apple Mac operating system installed on them.  Apple and Psystar sued each other back and forth.

Now Psystar is suing Apple for monopolizing the “premium computer” market.  ?By tying its operating system to Apple-branded hardware, Apple restrains trade in personal computers that run Mac OS X, collects monopoly rents on its Macintoshes, and monopolizes the market for ?premium computers,?? said Psystar?s lawsuit, filed last Wednesday. ?Apple?s share of revenue in the market for premium computers ? computers priced at over $1,000 ? is currently 91%,? wrote Psystar in a statement.

Calling a company a monopoly is an accusation that does not go unnoticed.  Microsoft lost a lot of money for being considered a monopoly.  Apple may have their lawyers go full force on this case.  More news on this lawsuit as it comes in.