Public Interest Registry Applies for .NGO Domains for Non-Gov Orgs

Posted Aug 3, 2011

The Public Interest Registry currently runs the distribution of .org domains, but the non-profit is also looking into running the .ngo domain name. Since new Top Level Domains will be launched in 2012, the Public Interest Registry has an opportunity to expand the domain possibilities for organizations; the .ngo domains would be reserved specifically for non-government organizations.  Mashable reports that the Registry has applied for the .ngo domain but has not yet been approved.

As the registry’s CEO Brian Cute explains, “NGOs themselves have a very strong identification with that acronym.” The Registry would carefully sort applications to make sure that all .ngo domains are granted to organizations that are officially identified as non-government orgs. The .org domain is traditionally reserved for charities and non-profit groups but there is no formal restriction regulating that stipulation.