Pulp Is The First Film To Premiere On The Xbox 360

Posted Mar 4, 2013

The movie business is tough to penetrate unless you are associated with a major production studio. Instead of uploading their video on YouTube or distributing DVDs, the makers of the low-budget British comedy, Pulp, is going to put it on Xbox Live.

Pulp is about a struggling comic book publisher that gets mixed up into a plot to take down a crime syndicate. The film is available for Xbox 360 Live subscribers now and it is the first film to premiere on the Xbox 360 gaming console.

Unfortunately the film is offered in the U.K. If the Pulp film is successful, Microsoft may release it in the U.S. and other international markets later this year. “Microsoft might not seem like the obvious partner for an indie comedy, but the film industry has changed. Xbox 360 can instantly distribute Pulp to millions of UK customers, and publicize the release in ways that simply aren?t possible traditionally,” stated Pulp co-director Adam Hamdy.

Microsoft plans to distribute more films on their platform in the future.