Pulse 2.0 Sponsoring Mashable’s Open Web Awards

Posted Nov 21, 2007

Adam A. Hirsch, Mashable’s Community and Marketing Director and I have been in close talks about the Open Web Awards. We both agreed that a sponsored partnership between Mashable and Pulse 2.0 would create a synergy for the Open Web Awards. The Open Web Awards is an upcoming online contest for various Web 2.0 companies placed under specific categories.

The event is taking place in San Francisco, but the actual dates will be announced soon. Nominations will also be available soon.

Other partners include:
Andy Beard
Collective Thoughts
Watch Mojo
How to Split an Atom
Luca Filigheddu.com
Marketing Pilgrim

Stay tuned to Mashable and Pulse 2.0 for further information.

[Mashable Official Announcement]