Pulse iPad App Gets Praise From Jobs, Pulled From App Store Shortly After

Posted Jun 8, 2010

Pulse News Reader was an application on the iPad app store.  Essentially it was a RSS reader and news feed service created by a couple of Stanford University graduate students.  The application was talked about by Apple CEO Steve Jobs himself at the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco.

However the application was pulled from the Apple App Store by the afternoon because of a written notice from The New York Times lawyers.  ?The Pulse News Reader app, makes commercial use of the NYTimes.com and Boston.com RSS feeds, in violation of their Terms of Use*. Thus, the use of our content is unlicensed. The app also frames the NYTimes.com and Boston.com websites in violation of their respective Terms of Use.” said the letter from the lawyers.  The app contains news feeds for the New York based publications which links back to the original content.  The funny thing is that The New York Times wrote an article last week praising the Pulse Reader app too.

?I don?t blame Apple, because they have to respond when contacted by lawyers from the Times,? said Akshay Kothari, one of the app’s creators.  ?But it was definitely a roller coaster of a day.?  Kothari worked on the app with Ankit Gupta, who are both students at the Stanford Institute of Design.  Kothari and Gupta worked on the app for four weeks through a company they created called Alphonso Labs.  It was downloaded 35,000 times at a price of $4. [AllThingsD]