LinkedIn Replaces LinkedIn Today With Pulse

Posted Nov 14, 2013

LinkedIn acquired news reader company Pulse for $90 million in April. LinkedIn announced that their news curation feature LinkedIn Today will be replaced on desktop on mobile devices by Pulse.  Pulse is used as the back-end technology for all content on the social network.

The Pulse app has also been updated so that you can now log in with your LinkedIn credentials, which allows the service to return more relevant content while taking a user’s interests into consideration.  Any channel that a user follows on LinkedIn will sync with the Pulse app using a LinkedIn login.  Pulse lets users comment and like articles from the mobile app.

If the user is logged in with their LinkedIn ID, their interactions will appear on his or her profile page.  The content that shows up under “LinkedIn Today” will mostly be the same, but with a new section header.  When logging into LinkedIn, users will see Pulse’s news recommendations.  The new Pulse app has been updated on Android and iOS.

[Source: Mashable]