Pulse News Reader Is Now On The Web

Posted Aug 9, 2012

Pulse is a mobile news reader app that launched on the iPad in 2010.  After that, the app expanded to the Android.  Now the Pulse app is available on the web in the form of an HTML5 web app.  The web app has the same tile-based design that it is known for on the mobile app.

The web app also has a side panel and buttons for navigation.  Pulse partnered with Microsoft to create a version that is designed for Windows 8 touch devices using IE 10.  The app supports touch gestures like swiping between articles to save or close them.  A web-based version of the tool has been the biggest request from users.

However Pulse co-creator Akshay Kothari was worried that an HTML5 version of the service would be “clunky and slow, like the web.” Check out the video demo below: