Posted Jan 1, 2010

Shan Sadiq and I started working on Pulse2 as a full time business in June 2008. Since then our business has grown in leaps and bounds. Pulse2.com has been our primary revenue source up until we started designing iPhone applications. We started designing iPhone applications in January 2009. And one of the latest developments regarding that aspect of our business is that Apple has decided to feature our Greek Gods application [iTunes link] as a Staff Favorite within the Education section. Now Greek Gods is a top 10 application within the Education category of iTunes.

Greek Gods is an application that has a database of all the Greek Gods and a description of them. There is a description of over 600 Greek Gods in our database. To navigate around the application, there is an intuitive wheel-based user interface. There is also a feature that allows you to bookmark Greek Gods. Search is built into the application too. A majority of our customer ratings for this iPhone application is 5 out of 5 stars.

Some of the features that we plan to add to this application in the form of updates include improved search, categorized Greek Gods, and Greek Gods quizzes. We also plan to increase the database size of the application so that Greek heroes are also included. This application is extremely useful for those who take humanities and art classes for school or if you have a keen interest in mythology.

One of the customers that reviewed Greek Gods said “Awesome resource for my World Mythology class. Allows me to understand the motives of the Gods.” We highly recommend that you check out our application and we appreciate Apple for helping us promote this application. If you have any feedback for our application, let us know in the comments.

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