PulseWallet lets you pay with your palm

Posted Jan 8, 2014

PulseWallet has created a product that we have been expecting to arrive in the future. At CES, PulseWallet is showcasing a product that lets consumers pay by scanning their palm. PulseWallet has integrated biometrics into their point-of-sale device. The registration at PulseWallet terminal will take under a minute and users are authenticated within a second.


PulseWallet uses technology that is based on Fujitsu palm sensors called PalmSecure, which is used for products to sign in or for gaining physical entry.

The sensor shines an infrared light to capture vein patterns in a person’s palm without touching the skin.

This is matched against the palms of pre-registered users. The vascular pattern cannot be duplicated and it provides false-accept and reject rates.

[Source: Fast Company]