Semantic Discovery Startup PureDiscovery Raises $10 Million In Series C

Posted Sep 13, 2013

PureDiscovery is a semantic discovery solutions startup that has raised $10 million in Series C funding led by Medina Capital.  PureDiscovery is known for delivering e-discovery solutions to the legal industry.  PureDiscovery is going to put the money towards enhancing their legal offering and target additional markets through the development of their breakthrough core technology.  PureDiscovery is also going to use the funding expanding their salesforce and to enhance the marketing.

“Our goal at PureDiscovery is nothing less than to change the very nature of how people discover and connect to the most relevant and critical information,” stated PureDiscovery CEO Dave Copps. “Our platform transforms static search environments where people hunt and peck at large indexes with keywords into dynamic semantic environments where related things are naturally attracted to each other.”

PureDiscovery is based in Dallas, Texas and has the only technology in the world that is capable of transforming hundreds of millions of documents into a working semantic intelligence.  PureDiscovery’s applications are built on the PureDiscovery platform and enables connections between people and knowledge that have never been possible before.