Q-SOUND Unleashes Bluetooth, Solar-Powered Headphones

Posted May 30, 2009

Shepeleff Stephen designed a new set of headphones that are not only Bluetooth-ready, but are also powered with solar panels.  The headphones are called the Q-SOUND.  Currently the Q-SOUND is only a concept.  The headband part of the headphones are filled with solar cells and is made out of flexible plastic.  This makes it easier to wrap around the head.  In terms of power, only one hour of sun is exposure is needed to power about 2.67 hours worth of active use.  Within the headband, two NiMH recharable batteries can be used with a capacity of 800mAh and an operating voltage of 1.2V.  The batteries keep the headphones charged for up to 40 hours.  Not bad, considering that the headphones are wireless.  Hopefully Stephen will be able to see his concept hit the market one day.

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