Q&A website Quora has joined Y Combinator

Posted May 10, 2014

Y Combinator has announced that Q&A website Quora.com is joining its Summer class of startups. This is a first for Y Combinator because it has never invested in a late-stage company like Quora.

Y Combinator head Sam Altman said that this is a “new experiment” and is unsure if the accelerator will do something like this again. Quora will not count this company in its portfolio stats.

Quora has raised $80 million in Series C funding several weeks ago and has raised a total of $141 million. Quora CEO Adam D’Angelo explained why the company is joining Y Combinator in an answer post:

– We?ll have Sam and all the other partners to help us.

– We get to be part of the YC community / alumni network of founders.

– We get access to all the resources of YC.