Qardio’s New Devices Can Track Your ECG and Heart Rate On The iPhone

Posted Jun 29, 2013

Based in San Francisco, California, Qardio announced two new products that will help people maintain their cardiovascular health.  Qardio’s QardioArm lets you monitor your heart rate and blood pressure.


Qardio’s QardioCore is a chest strap-on device that can continuously record the ECG, temperature, and heart rate to measure your physical activity.  It sends your EKG data to your device wirelessly through Bluetooth to the iPhone app.  From there, the QardioApp lets you make decisions for optimal heart health.


The QardioArm is a wireless blood pressure cuff that fits around your arm and can sync data to the accompanying iPhone app.  It is easy to carry around daily and helps make blood pressure testing easier.  Qardio’s QardioArm gives you a continuous reading of your systolic and diastolic blood pressure and heart rate so that you get the most accurate account of your daily journey.

Qardio lets you pre-order the products on their website and it will be available later this year.