TiVo founders build QPlay streaming media TV adapter product

Posted Dec 19, 2013

TiVo is one of the most admired digital video recording services on the market. So what are the TiVo founders doing now? They are working on a new business venture called QPlay. The QPlay is an adapter for streaming TV that can be plugged into an HDTV. It has a USB-connected power cord that goes into an outlet.

From there, you can stream video and Internet TV using your iPad from services like Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, Hulu, etc. The QPlay was discovered in an FCC filing by Zatz Not Funny. QPlay is intended to let you combine all of your streaming video services into one app.

As a comparison, the Google Chromecast has a group of apps for casting media to your TV display. The device is 6 cm. wide and 12 cm. tall, which means that it is bigger than a Chromecast and smaller than a Roku box. It is unknown when the QPlay will be available for purchase.

TiVo founders Michael Ramsay and Jim Barton are behind the project and the two of them hired talent from Apple, Google, Linden Lab, and several others. Their company, Invisioneer, raised funding from Kleiner Perkins.

[Source: SlashGear]