QR Code Company Scan Raises $1.7 Million

Posted Feb 23, 2012

Scan is a QR code application company that has raised over $1.7 million in funding from Menlo Ventures, Google Ventures, Charles River Ventures, Start Fund, Social + Capital Partnership, Transmedia Capital, Ludlow Ventures, and angel investors Ariel Poler, Naval Ravikant, Jim Pallotta, and Troy Carter. Scan is based in Provo, Utah.

Scan co-founder Garrett Gee finds that QR codes are distasteful. However he believes that QR codes could serve as a hopeful addendum to movie posters and conference badges to be more user-friendly.

The Scan web interface allows anyone to generate QR codes without prior development experience. Using Scan.me, businesses and individuals can create QR codes that represent their online presence. Scan’s closest competitor is believed to be QR code generator Paperlinks.