Qualcomm Showcases Smartbook, Pokes Fun At Mark Cuban

Posted May 30, 2009

Qualcomm and Freescale Semiconductor are working on a new device called smartbooks.  Smartbooks are going to be cheapter to make and weigh less than netbooks.  Both Qualcomm and Freescale have agreed to both refer to the device as “smartbooks.”

Smartbooks will use an ARM design and the Linux operating system to power the device.  Netbooks generally depend on Intel Atom processors and the Windows XP operating system.  All smartbooks will even come with a built-in 3G connection.

ARM chips are usually more power-efficient than Intel Atom processors and their overhead is usually cheap.  The battery life of smartbooks will be about 8 hours.  Interestingly Qualcomm’s website has an “Easter egg” that pokes fun at Mark Cuban.

Easter Egg details:
Below is Qualcomm’s website discussing the smartbook.  You will notice in the middle of Image A, it says “Always Connected” there is a chat session going on using “Flitter.”  Using the name Flitter for the software is clearly a play on Twitter.

I noticed that Mark Cuban’s name is being used during the chat session so I zoomed in (Image B).  Under Cuban’s name, I believe it says  “I hate NBA fines!!” For anyone that follows Mark Cuban, you may be aware that he was recently fined $25,000 by the NBA for calling out the referee of a game on Twitter.  While that was bad news for Cuban, you sometimes cannot help but laugh.  Good one, Qualcomm.

Image A:

Image B: