Quantcast Raises $20 Million Series B

Posted Jan 23, 2008

“The opportunity is to make it easier for marketers to spend money online,” stated Konrad Feldman, the CEO of Quantcast. “Panel-based research doesn’t work well in a fragmented media.”

Now backed with over $25 million in funding, Quantcast is the only free internet ratings service.  Quantcast can measure widgets and other Flash media to show how often they are viewed everywhere.  The investors in this round of funding include Polaris Venture Partners and Founders Fund.

With this round of funding, Quantcast will be ramping up their services and improve its accuracy.  Essetially, Quantcast is gearing up for taking on the bigger names of rating services like comScore and Nielsen.  Over 20,000 clients use Quantcast including Fox, CBS, Accuweather, and IDG.

Down the road, Quantcast will most likely act as a broker for pairing up target advertisements with web sites that have relevant audiences.  “There are going to be big changes to how the business operates,” added Feldman. “We aren’t going to be talking about GRPs anymore. It’s going to be audience segments. There’s going to be a massive transformation over the next five to 10 years.”

[Information Source: AdWeek]