Quid Raises $10 Million In Series C

Posted Jul 25, 2011

Quid is a quantitive analysis startup company that has raised $10 million in Series C funding from Atomico Ventures, SV Angel (Ron Conway’s investor fund), Founders Fund, Endeavour Vision, Infocomm Investments, and Charles Lho. PayPal co-founder Max Levchin joined Quid’s board of directors.

Quid previously raised $4 million from Founders Fund, Charles Lho, Max Levchin, Gordon Crovitz, Allen Morgan, James Hong, and Niko Dounchis.

?We are generating more information each year then the rest of human history put together,? stated Quid CEO Bob Goodson. ?Data is one of the most important trends of the time we live in. Imagine the insights in the world that are now possible with this information, which hasn?t been available before? We?re building the tools to mine these insights, and help people make more informed decisions.?