Quigo Founder Oded Itzhak Starts New Ad Network Doclix

Posted Mar 19, 2009

Oded Itzhak, founder of Quigo is getting back into the advertising industry by launching a new startup called Doclix.  Doclix is a pay-pay-click advertising network that claims will drive more traffic and ensure better advertising quality/placement.  Doclix will deal wth mostly text ads, but will only deal with publishers that receive more than 1 million monthly unique visitors.

Itzhak has proven himself in the advertising space.  Quigo raised $30 million in funding from Highland Capital Partners, Steamboat Ventures, and IVP.  A couple of years later, he sold the company for $340 million to AOL.  Doclix is working with a few of the same investors that put money into Quigo, including John Frankel.

Doclix’s text ads will have a box appear with more details similar to Kontera’s model.  This tends to annoy visitors of the website.  But Doclix ensures that if someone does see the ad, they intend to have wanted to see it in the first place.  Kontera’s pop up ads simply appear if you put the mouse above the underline ad text.  Doclix will be seeking additional funding in the near future.

[via VentureBeat]