Quintura and Blinkx Team Up On Visual Video Search

Posted Apr 11, 2007

Take a top video search engine and mix it with an innovative tag cloud search engine and what do you get?  A partnership between blinkx and Quintura.

blinkx will provide Quintura users the ability to search within 7 million hours of video content.   “blinkx’s large video index is a perfect compliment to our graphical user interface,” believes Yakov Sadchikov the CEO/Founder of Quintura. “As the Web becomes more visual and rich with content, people are looking for better ways to find video online. blinkx’s video search index combined with Quintura’s visual discovery engine provides users with a unique search experience. This new service has become possible due to technology innovations of our companies in visualizing search and indexing online video.”

What blinkx gets out the deal is traffic referrals from Quintura.  Quintura’s traffic cloud technology also gives other suggested searches that are relevant to the keywords that you asked for.  I tested out the service by just searching for Family Guy after I clicked on the blinkx tab on Quintura’s website.  Here are the results:

Google is not the only search engine that can utilize a partnership with a video website.  The blinkx-Quintura partnership proves that the Google-YouTube partnership has a strong opponent.