Quintura Search Engine Reaches 25% of Women Using The Internet in Russia

Posted Aug 9, 2008

Quintura has just announced that they have reached 8 million unique visitors per month. More than 3 million of Quintura’s unique visitors are from websites in Russia with a focus on women. Quintura’s tag-based search engine technology also is currently being used on sites like Maxim.com and Cosmopolitan.

In a study conducted to determine how many female Internet users were in Russia today, it was determined that there are about 12 million, thus implying that Quintura has a 25% penetration search engine market-share for women in Russia.

In Russia, the number of women using the Internet is growing 20% faster than men. And the amount of advertising spent on women-focused websites in Russia last year was $22 million.

Some of the the women-focused websites in Russia that are utilizing Quintura’s tag-based search engine includes Cosmo.ru, Passion.ru, and MissFit.ru.

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