Rackspace Acquires ObjectRocket

Posted Feb 27, 2013

Rackspace has acquired MongoDB database services company ObjectRocket.  The terms of the deal was undisclosed.  Rackspace already lets customers use MySQL, but one of their largest competitors Amazon Web Services offers multiple database options.

“Mongo is breaking away from the pack and our customers are asking for it,” stated Rackspace SVP of corporate development Pat Matthews in an interview with GigaOM.  Matthews said that Rackspace built their own version of MongoDB, but they were impressed with ObjectRocket’s co-founders Chris Lalonde, Erik Beebe and Kenny Gorman.

ObjectRocket considers their business a MongoDB-as-a-service.  This means that users do not have to spend a lot of time setting up their own MongoDB database manually.  They just have to pay a monthly fee.  Integrating ObjectRocket with Rackspace will take a little while though.

Disclosure: Pulse2 works with Rackspace and has a dedicated server with them.