Rackspace Hits $353 Million In Q4 Revenues

Posted Feb 13, 2013

Rackspace has reported their Q4 revenues and they were slightly below Wall Street expectations.  The company’s results were delivered yesterday and they reported revenues of $353 million, which is up 5% from Q3 and is 25% higher than a year ago, but it is below the $355.4 million that Wall Street was expecting.  Profits were at 21 cents per share, which is a penny below expectations.

Rackspace has a total server count of 90,254, which is up from 89,051 one quarter earlier.  Customers increased to 205,538, which is up from 197,635 one quarter earlier.

The managed host revenue was $265.5 million, which is a little bit below a consensus of $268 million.  ?We are very pleased with the financial results we have delivered in 2012. Even more importantly, we are excited about the growth opportunities that our new set of open cloud products will provide us in the future,? stated Rackspace CFO Karl Pichler.

Disclosure: Pulse2 is a happy customer of Rackspace.

[Source: Forbes]