Rackspace Hosting, Inc. (RAX) is renting out access to open compute servers

Posted Jun 20, 2014

Rackspace Hosting, Inc. (NYSE:RAX), the cloud and hosting company, knows that people like to take advantage of the elasticity of public clouds and painless management of servers in co-location facilities. Rackspace has launched a new service for companies and organizations that want to take advantage of these two competencies called OnMetal. 

OnMetal skips virtualization, a technology that public clouds employ to split up physical servers into many virtual machines for running applications. Each organization will get a whole “bare-metal” server to use.

?OnMetal is bare-metal servers that can be spun up instantly, in a matter of minutes, just like VMs can,? stated Rackspace president Taylor Rhodes during a talk at the Gigaom?s Structure conference as quoted by VentureBeat. ?Unlike VMs in multi-tenant clouds, though, these servers are highly specialized.?

Rackspace acknowledges that virtualization may not be practical for every application. OnMetal may be appealing for developers that may not want to work with the virtualization model.

The new servers have solid-state drives for storage and follows specs from the Open Compute Project. Developers can work with the servers through the API for OpenStack, the open-source software that NASA and RackSpace released in 2010. The OnMetal servers will be geared toward intensive workloads. OnMetal will be available for anyone to use starting in July.

[Source: VentureBeat]
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