Rackspace Takes Down Pastor Terry Jones’ Websites

Posted Sep 10, 2010

Rackspace Hosting, Inc. (NYSE:RAX) took down the website owned by Pastor Terry Jones. Pastor Jones threatened to hold a protest and burn the Quran on September 11th. Rackspace said that the website violated the hosting company’s policy against “hateful speech.” Rackspace spokesperson Dan Goodgame said Rackspace was not acting as a censor, but took down the website strictly out of company policy.

“Our business relies on freedom of speech and we’re staunch defenders of that,” stated Goodgame. “What we have here is not a constitutional issue; it’s a contractual issue. We don’t think it’s censorship of any kind.”

Pastor Jones drew a lot of criticism by announcing that he would burn the Quran on September 11th, which is nine years after the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in New York. President Obama criticized Pastor Jones’ actions because he said it would boost the recruitment efforts of terrorist groups in Afghanistan against U.S. troops.

Goodgame did not mention the offensive content on Jones’ website, but he pointed out that the name of one of the websites that was taken down is called “Islam Is Of The Devil.” On Wednesday, Rackspace told Pastor Jones that he needed to find another hosting company. Yesterday Pastor Jones cancelled his plans to burn the Quran.