RainStor Is A Company With Big Data Management Database Solutions

Posted Oct 30, 2012

RainStor is a Big Data management software company that has recently raised a $12 million Series C round of funding from new investors Credit Suisse and Rogers Venture Partners.  Existing investors Doughty Hanson Technology Ventures, Storm Ventures, and The Dow Chemical Company also participated in this round.  RainStor was founded in 2004 by a team of engineers that were on the research and development team at the UK’s Ministry of Defense (MoD).

This same team is currently working as the core of RainStor’s talented engineering organization, who developed the portfolio of the patented intellectual property that underlies RainStor’s database solution.

Andy Ben-Dyke is the head of engineering as RainStor’s CTO and was part of the original team at the UK’s Ministry of Defense.

I chatted with RainStor’s VP of Marketing Deirdre Mahon about the company. She told me that the beginnings of RainStor were driven by the UK government agency looking to engineer a database from scratch that would handle massive volumes of data. The company spun out in 2008 and moved their HQ location to San Francisco in 2009. They also maintain an engineering team in the UK.

Rainstor’s core product is a software-only database. The database is best known for reducing a company’s storage data footprint by 20 – 40x and is architected for flexible deployments on low-cost hardware. Their software can also be deployed on a public or private cloud and it runs natively on Hadoop.

Rainstor has a ideal solution for telecommunications organizations. Most telco companies require that data be stored and online for 7-10 years. Telcos must also maintain subscriber information which includes WAP log data ? essentially all the smartphone browsing data. Let’s just say for example SoftBank had to store around 2 petabytes of data for 3 months, RainStor could help reduce that to 100 terabytes. With this reduction in storage and hardware requirements, RainStor reduces costs by 10x.